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Birthdate:Mar 3
Location:Highland, California, United States of America

"[community profile] iam Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf) of Dreamwidth!"

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20in20, adam sandler, aladdin, alan jackson, anakin/obi-wan, anakin/padme, apple juice, arrow, back to the future, backstreet boys, barry allen, barry/kara, barry/leonard, barry/oliver, bee gees, benny and joon, bill pullman, blaine anderson, blaine/sebastian, board games, bobby singer, books, brian littrell, bruce/gordon, bryan adams, captain janeway, captain kirk, captainswan, casper, cats, chakotay, chakotay/paris, clark/bruce, clark/lex, classical music, conventions, corpse bride, cosplay, cosplaying, country music, criminal minds, crows, custom graphics, darren criss, dastiel, dc's legends of tomorrow, delena, dinozzo/gibbs, dinozzo/mcgee, disney, doctor who, doctor/rose, donna noble, dragons, dungeon & dragons, edward scissorhands, elijah wood, evanescence, fanfiction, fantasy, ferris bueller's day off, forever, fox and the hound, friday the 13th, funko pops, gabrielle/iolaus, garth brooks, george lucas, george straight, ghostbusters, gifs, glee, gothic, halloween, han/leia, harry potter, hercules/iolaus, hercules/xena, history, hocus pocus, horror, horror movies, horses, iron eagle, jack/ianto, janeway/chakotay, jensen ackles, john williams, johnny depp, jurassic park, kelly clarkson, killian jones, kirk/mccoy, kirk/spock, kirk/spock/mccoy, kirk/uhura, kitten, leann rimes, leonard snart, lgbt rights, linkin park, lisa braeden, looney tunes, lord of the rings, luke bryan, luke/han, making graphics, married...with children, marvels agents of shield, mcgee/abby, melissa mccarthy, men in black, michael j. fox, michael myers, mission impossible, movies, ncis, nics, nightmare before christmas, obi-wan/padme, obi-wan/sabe, oliver/chloe, once upon a time, orlando bloom, owls, paris/kim, paris/torres, pentatonix, peter jackson, photography, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pixar, pizza, pop music, pumpkins, ranting, ravens, reading, road trips, rock music, role playing games, rose tyler, sandra bullock, sean astin, sebastian smythe, seblaine, shania twain, shawn/juliet, shawn/lassiter, sherlock/john, skulls, sky high, slash fic, smallville, star trek, star trek: the next generation, star trek: the original series, star trek: voyager, star wars, star wars original trilogy, star wars prequels, stelena, sterek, steve/bucky, steve/tony, stiles/derek, sulu/chekov, super mario brothers, superman, supernatural, teen wolf, ten/rose, the breakfast club, the dark knight, the flash, the hobbit, the lord of the rings, the maze runner, the mighty ducks, the originals, the secret circle, the sims, the three musketeers, the vampire diaries, thrifting, thunderstorms, tom hanks, tom paris, tony/bruce, torchwood, viggo mortensen, werewolves, witches, wizards, wolves, writing, x-men, xena/ares, xena/hercules
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